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Money market rates are compared in the chart below as well as savings account rates and CD rates. After choosing an account type and the amount you want to deposit, click the "Update" button to see your results.

Featured FDIC Insured Savings Rates for May 16, 2019:

Benefits of High Yield Money Market Accounts » Money Market

July 16, 2010 high yield money market

During the difficult economic and low interest environment, people are turning to high-yield money market accounts to grow their money and fight inflation. They are like any type of deposit account that is offered to others, except in contrast to traditional savings accounts, money market accounts have (MMA) in a position to write the checks […]

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Fidelity Money Market Funds – How to Choose the Best One

July 15, 2010 money market accounts

Fidelity Money Market Funds – Choosing the Best One Sam Subramanian PhD, MBA M oney market mutual funds like those offered by Fidelity Investments are indispensable instruments, providing liquidity and relative safety. Although not federally insured, Fidelity money market funds usually generate higher income than bank accounts. They also enable investors to temporarily park cash […]

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SEC Staff Provides Responses to Recent Money Market Fund Rule Amendments 

July 14, 2010 Latest News

SEC Staff Provides Responses to Questions Concerning New Disclosure Requirements Adopted as part of Recent Money Market Fund Rule Amendments The Staff of the SEC's Division of Investment Management published responses to various questions relating to Rule 30b1-7 under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the 1940 Act ), and new Form N-MFP.  […]

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Bank Products What’s Insured and What’s Not

July 13, 2010 banking

Deposits vs. Investments Any money you have in savings and checking accounts or in certificates of deposit (CDs) is known as a deposit. Your financial institution is committed to returning all of your deposits (plus interest) whenever you ask. You can even take money out of a CD before it matures, however, you will have […]

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